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The 2021 Maple Season Recap

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Our 2021 maple sugaring season has ended and we are reflecting on this year's harvest. While it wasn't the longest season we've ever had, it was better than most farmers expected when March surprised us with a record-breaking warm spell.

The Weather Warmed Up Too Quickly

Maple syrup production relies heavily on the weather. Sap is harvested from the maple trees in late winter and early spring, typically February-April. There's a lot of amazing science that goes into it, but the basic rule is if the temperature freezes at night (below 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and warms to above freezing during the day, the sap runs! We collect the sap and boil it in our sugarhouse, turning it into beautiful golden maple syrup.

This year, the weather wasn't ideal. There were three days in March when it warmed up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, halting the sap production. And then in April it warmed up too quickly, ending the season a bit early. In the end, we made 70% of last year's volume. We had an especially good year last year so we're still happy with our overall production.

We Made Some Beautiful Organic Maple Syrup

While we didn't make the quantity of maple syrup we had hoped for, the quality is excellent. We produced a mixture of Amber Rich and Dark Robust grades with a delicious maple flavor. And of course, it's all certified organic.

The Entire Family Came Together

As the world still grapples with a global pandemic, we appreciated the strength of family during this time. Our children and grandchildren stopped by to help out throughout the 2021 season. Whether to walk sap lines in the sugar woods or to change the filter press in the sugarhouse, we all came together. As a mother, I'm always grateful that sugaring brings our family together. It warms my heart to see the kids stepping in and doing whatever needs to be done to keep the sugarhouse rolling. It's a special time of year for all of us.

Shop the 2021 Maple Crop

Our 2021 maple syrup is now available online for sale. You don't have to do anything special, as all our maple syrup that we're shipping now is the new crop. Just choose your jug size, syrup grade, and fill in your information.

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