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Half Gallon Jug

Half Gallon Jug


Certified Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup (64 fl oz/1.89 liters)

  • What do maple syrup grades mean?

    All our pure Vermont maple syrup is produced the same way. But depending on variables like weather and time of season, the color and flavor differs slightly. The State of Vermont recognizes four maple syrup grades, to help consumers choose their favorite. There is no superior grade, just preference. Do you like a light delicate flavor or dark robust?

    PRO TIP: order two jugs of maple syrup, in two different grades, and see which one you prefer!

  • The range of flavors:

    • Golden Delicate: A light golden color with a mild, delicate taste. 
    • Amber Rich: A light amber color and full-bodied flavor, this grade of syrup is great for all-around use. And it just so happens to be our personal favorite.
    • Dark Robust: A dark amber color with more pronounced maple flavor, this grade is our best seller. It's beautiful flavor is great in recipes and your morning coffee.
    • Very Dark: The darkest in color, this syrup has a strong flavor that translates well to cooking. The maple flavor will carry through to the finished dish. Mix it into a bread or barbecue sauce.
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